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  • Carriage by Rail

    SMARTECH LOGISTIC offers the full range of services related to international carriage of goods of any complexity level and by any transport means. We provide high-quality services.

    Transport company SMARTECH LOGISTIC offers its services related to carriage of goods by rail.
    Rail transportation is a beneficial method for transporting various goods at large distances, to the difficult-to-access regions, where carriage by road is in fact excluded. In addition to reliability and the lowest train accident rates, carriage by rail is the most cost-efficient way of transporting goods, with the rather low costs perfectly combined with the high efficiency of services. Furthermore, railway transport does not depend on weather conditions.
    Services related to carriage of goods by rail include:

    •  Consultations on the matters of organizing transportation.
    •  Calculation of the goods transportation costs.
    •  Issue of all carriage documents as required.
    •  Delivery of goods from the Customer’s warehouse to the station.
    •  Organization of loading /unloading operations.
    •  Goods insurance.
    •  Container and wagon tracking and search.