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  • Carriage by Air

    SMARTECH LOGISTIC offers the full range of services related to international carriage of goods of any complexity level and by any transport means. We provide high-quality services.

    SMARTECH LOGISTIC offers its services related to carriage of goods by air.
    Carriage of goods by air is currently the fastest method of transporting goods, an ideal solution for urgent transportation.
    The range of services related to carriage by air includes:

    • Delivery of goods from client to airport for the purpose of carriage by air;
    • Loading /unloading operations, using specialized equipment;
    • Issue of documents required for carriage by air, customs clearance procedures;
    • Space reservation for carriage by air;
    • Air carriage monitoring, goods tracking in the sky and on earth;
    • Informing of recipient about the completion of air carriage and arrival of goods at the point of destination.