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  • Customs Services

    SMARTECH LOGISTIC offers the full range of services related to international carriage of goods of any complexity level and by any transport means. We provide high-quality services.

    Our Company offers the range of services related to the customs clearance of cargoes imported to Latvia, exported from Latvia, as well as transit cargoes transported to other countries through Riga.
    We offer:

    • Customs clearance of your cargoes with calculation of the optimum schemes of transportation and customs procedure costs;
    • Any customs clearance procedures, declaration;
    • Consolidation of cargoes with the subsequent completing of lots to be transported to the end recipient;
    • Loading /unloading, sorting operations;
    • Handling of goods and necessary economic calculations for each commodity item;
    • Development of movement schemes aimed at minimizing time and funds needed for the customs clearance procedures;
    • Flexible discount system in case of providing the full package of services (transportation + customs clearance);
    • Customs clearance of cargoes imported to the territory of EU with VAT payment in the country of recipient after delivery of cargo;
    • Identification of customs codes for goods to be imported to the territory of Russia;
    • Preparation and submission of the package of documents as required for the customs clearance;
    • Change of the cargo buyer at the customs warehouse.